On-site Health Screening

Completing an on-site Health Screening is one of three wellness qualifications employees must complete in order to qualify for the Low Deductible Health Plan for FY20* or earn the maximum State contribution for your Health Savings Account (HSA), if you choose the High Deductible Health Plan for FY20.*

Registration for on-site health screenings is currently closed.

Alternatives to the on-site health screening:

If you missed the on-site health screening opportunity, you can still meet the screening qualification by visiting your health care provider and submitting the appropriate Health Care Provider Form at benefit.staywell.com. Members are eligible for one annual wellness preventive exam covered by the health plan each year. The cost of the screening tests will only be covered if it is part of an annual wellness preventive exam.

Health Care Provider Form

It is important to ask the right questions during your annual wellness preventive visit. To view a list of pertinent questions to ask your doctor, please consult the CDC Check-Up Checklist.