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October 2019

Common Health Savings Account Questions

1. I am on the Low Deductible Health Plan, I met my qualifications, but I did not receive my HSA money. Why?

Due to IRS regulations you must be on a high deductible plan to be eligible for a Health Savings Account.

2. I have an HSA and a Combination FSA. Why can't I use my FSA to pay for health expenses?

Until you meet your health deductible, you can only use your combination FSA money for Dental and Vision expenses. Once you meet your deductible you can use your combination FSA to pay for health expenses.

3. Who is responsible for the account fees associated with an HSA?

While employed with the State of South Dakota, your account fees are covered. If you terminate employment you will be responsible for the fees associated with the account.

Learn more about Health Savings accounts at https://bhr.sd.gov/benefits/active/health-plans/health-savings-account/

Skate Your Way to Health for the Holidays

Feel your best this holiday season with the Health for the Holidays challenge! As you log daily behaviors, you’ll accumulate snow — and sustainable habits — to start the new year off right!

You can build a team of four to five people or go at it alone. You and your team members will log your activities in three areas:

  1. Physical activity (record activities like steps or minutes)
  2. Eating healthy (record good choices like not drinking beverages with added sugar or refraining from snacking after dinner)
  3. Gift box (record emotional fitness activities like expressing gratitude or connecting with others)

On the Health for the Holidays page, you’ll also find a leaderboard to see how well you or your team is doing, a wall to post messages and links to healthy recipes.

  • Registration opens: November 1
  • Challenge starts: November 18
  • Registration ends: November 24
  • Challenge ends: December 15

If you complete the challenge and reach the goal, you’ll earn you 50 points towards the 100 wellness points qualification.
Watch your email for more information and to register. To learn more about the program, log on to benefit.staywell.com, click on the Programs tab, then Challenges.

EAP Webinar – Effective Time Management

If time management is so easy to accomplish on one's own, then why do many feel so overwhelmed? This session will provide a basic explanation of the time management process and the characteristics of effective time managers. It will discuss the importance of prioritizing important events and explore the role of delegation and communicating delegation requests with others. Time management is a learned skill. It requires self-discipline and a desire to become conscious of how one manages one's daily activities.

Earn 25 wellness points if you watch this webinar and enter the date at benefit.staywell.com. To log your points, go to the My Progress bar, arrow down to Employee Assistance Program and enter the date you completed the webinar. The maximum number of points you can earn in the Employee Assistance Program section is 50 points. This webinar is available for viewing any time during the month of October.

What's Next in the Lunch and Learn Series?

The next Lunch and Learn will be Pre-Tax Benefits: Maximizing Health-Related Spending, presented by Discovery Benefits. Visit https://bhr.sd.gov/benefits/lunchandlearns.html at 12:10 pm CDT on Wednesday, October 9 to participate.

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