Information about Disability Preference

Frequently Asked Questions

What is disability preference?
The State of South Dakota extends disability preference (disability consideration) to applicants certified by a vocational rehabilitation counselor as meeting the definition of severely disabled.

Having disability preference entitles the applicant to an interview (phone or in-person) on civil service positions found in the Executive Branch of state government. The applicant must meet any licensing requirements of the position and complete all steps of the application process.

How do I become certified for disability preference?

Contact your local Rehabilitation Services Office, or talk to your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor if you are already a client of Vocational Rehabilitation Services. The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors have a “Request for Disability Preference” form you will complete if you are eligible. They will then sign and forward the completed form to the SD Bureau of Human Resources.

How do I find or contact my local Rehabilitation Services Office?

This link contains the contact information for Rehabilitation Services Offices in South Dakota.

Does the disability preference certification have an expiration date?
The certification does expire after five years. Applicants will need to contact a Rehabilitation Services Office to renew their disability preference certification.

Disability Preference Administrative Rule:

ARSD 55:10:02:07. Disability consideration. Any certified applicant for a position offered other than a law enforcement position, who is approved by a vocational rehabilitation counselor as meeting the definition of severely disabled shall be identified on the certification as an applicant who must be interviewed by the appointing authority. If the applicant is certified as a person with a severe disability, the certification expires five years from the date of the certification and the certification shall be renewed in order to receive disability consideration.