South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources(SD BHR)

Training & Development

Access 2010 Level 2

12-hour class - Cost: $156
AFE # for DOT- 7797

Prerequisites: Microsoft Access Level 1

Course Description: This course will help you to understand more advanced features in databases and how to enhance forms and reports.

Training Objectives: The participant will:
  • Use queries to display and manipulate database information.
  • Create forms to make it easy to enter and edit database records.
  • Create reports to display database information in a professional format.
  • Learn to use macros to automate common database tasks.
  • Use Access with other programs.
December 8-9
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Register by sending an email to BHR Training Registration with the course title, date, time, location and employee number.


Latitude Wellness Program
This training is worth 25 Latitude Wellness Program points. To earn your 25 Latitude Wellness Program points, you must submit proof of completion on the Latitude Wellness portal. Proof of completion includes registration confirmation, letter of participation from organizer, or completion certificate.

Submit Your Proof of Completion
•Go to and choose Latitude Wellness Portal
•Enter your username and password
•Select Choose a Latitude Wellness Program
•Choose the green View Participatory List button
•Choose Other wellness related activities that are not listed
•Follow the instructions shown in the portal to successfully submit your proof of completion