Employee and Organizational Development

Software Training

2010 Microsoft Software


2016 Microsoft Software

Outlook 2010
Word 2010: Basics
Word 2010: Intermediate

Excel 2010: Basics
Excel 2010: Charts
Excel 2010: Pivot Tables
Excel 2010: Formulas
Excel 2010: Large Files

Access 2010: Overview & Design
Access 2010: Tables
Access 2010: Queries 1
Access 2010: Queries 2
Access 2010: Forms
Access 2010: Reports


Window 10 & Office 365

Word 2016: Basics
Word 2016: Mail Merges, Labels, & Envelopes
Word 2016: Advanced
Word 2016: Collaborative Documents

Excel 2016: Basics
Excel 2016: Charts
Excel 2016: Pivot Tables
Excel 2016: Formulas
Excel 2016: Large Files

Has Your Agency Updated to
Windows 10/Office 365?


Adobe Software

Please check which software version
you are currently using as you choose
your courses.


Adobe Acrobat: Creating PDF Forms
Dreamweaver For Editors



E-Learning with Lynda

No time for class?
Consider taking a computer
course at your own desk and at your convenience.

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A variety of Adobe and other software e-learning courses available online. Check out our Adobe Playlists!