South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources(SD BHR)

Employee and Organizational Development

Dreamweaver CC

6-hour class - Cost: $120
AFE # for DOT- 76C9

Prerequisites: Basic overview of the Dreamweaver interface.

Course Description:This course is designed for those tasked to maintain a website. It will also be valuable for web editors who want to extend their skills in maintaining websites by using a visually based design tool for speed and ease of use. (This course will not teach you how to create a new website from scratch.)

Training Objectives: The participant will:
  1. Insert and edit text.
  2. Style text and containers with CSS.
  3. Insert images.
  4. Create and style internal, external, and email links.
  5. Create tables to store data.
December 19, 2018
9 am - 4 pm Pierre BHR Training Computer Lab,
Basement Becker Hansen Bldg.



Register by sending an email to BHR Training Registration with the course title, date, time, location and employee number.

***Pierre Trainings: You will now need to enter Becker Hansen through the main entrance on Broadway for training. You will need to check in at the reception desk before proceeding to the training rooms.

Main Entrance on Broadway Ave: After entering, check in the receptionist's desk, take a right past the receptionist's desk and go through two sets of double doors. The elevator and stairwell are on the right. Go to the basement and take a right.
Room B15: Training Room I
Room B16: Computer Lab
Room B17: Training Room II