Employee and Organizational Development

Special Requests

If you are a state agency and would like to request a special session for a staff retreat, strategic planning or other special large gathering of your agency personnel, you may do so by submitting a special request using the link below. You may choose from any of the topics listed on our professional development menu. The length of the session is provided in the descriptions of the course.

The minimum number of participants is 15.

In order that we may adequately prepare and schedule your special session in coordination with our regular training program, please note the deadlines below for submitting your requests.  

Your event date                             Request deadline
January-May                                     November 15
June – August                                   April 15
September – December                    July 15

Please allow 15 working days from the deadline for a reply. If we are not able to accommodate your request, we will do our best to suggest alternative resources.


To request a class, please fill out this Special Request Form.


Special Request Pricing
  Half Day   Full Day
2-4 hours   5-8 hours
1-50 $750   $1,125
51+ $975   $1,465

*Additional fees may apply for materials

**Fees for Fiscal Year 19