Department of Public Safety Temporary Positions


JOB TITLE: Seasonal-State Inspector (2 positions)
Job ID Number: DPS40

Location: Sioux Falls 
Minimum salary: $16.61 per hour

This is a temporary inspection position, which could move toward a full time inspection position.  This position will focus on Day Care and Lottery inspections in the Sioux Falls Regional Area.

PLEASE NOTE: This position is NOT for building inspections, Motor Carrier, Highway Patrol or specifically Health Inspector. 

It would be helpful for the most qualified candidate to be located in or near Sioux Falls, as this is the general area the position will be conducting inspections and investigating complaints of commercial businesses, manufacturers and public facilities for state agencies; identify violations of conditions, discuss and explain violations with business owners; complete required reports to ensure compliance with State and Federal Rules and Regulations; ensure consumers are receiving fair treatment and protect the public from health and safety hazards.

Required: Overnight travel; general daily travel;  lifting, twisting, reaching, grabbing, pulling, pushing, climbing, general lifting and some heavy lifting (up to 50 lbs); conducting inspections during inclement weather conditions; exposure to hazardous substances, combustible materials and heights; state and federal background investigations by multiple agencies.

The ideal candidate will have:
The ability to explain functions of agencies, including our own, but not limited to knowledge, skills and abilities listed below. Should the position expand into a permanent full time position the candidate would be expected to have knowledge/experience in one or more of the following areas:  day care facilities, educational food program reviews, lunch programs,  lottery, school fire (NFPA 58), fire and life safety,  agriculture sampling and inspections, safe food handling practices, ability to obtain Serve Safe or Weights & Measures.   

Knowledge of:

  • Inspections and Weights & Measures Programs;
  • laws and regulations applicable to inspections conducted by office;
  • standard operating procedures (SOP's) for all agencies served (Department of Health, Department of Social Services, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, Fire Marshall, Lottery and Weights & Measures);
  • safe food handling practices; NIST Handbooks 44, 130 and 133, as well as length, mass, capacity, mathematics and metric system.

Skill to:

  • develop relationships with the public, other agencies, as well as our own inspectors; manage time;
  • develop an efficient schedule; meet needs of agencies;
  • address requests and problems as they arise, both effectively and professionally.

Ability to:

  • explain laws, regulations, SOP's and handbook requirements applicable to inspections conducted by office, inspectors and agencies served; make reasonable, logical decisions; determine priorities;
  • handle special requests; coordinate schedules for area; determine workload priorities; work with a variety of personalities;
  • handle challenging situations.

To Apply: Use a “State of South Dakota Seasonal Application” form.  Applications will need to have the Requisition Number and location listed above. Applications are available from any South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation Job Service Office(s) or the Bureau of Human Resources. Photocopies are acceptable. 

Send completed applications to:
SD Inspections and Weights & Measures
ATTN: Lori Jacobson
118 W Capital Ave
Pierre, SD 57501
or email

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