Frequently Asked Questions

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bullet Do I have to apply online?

In order to be considered for a position posted on our jobs website, you must complete our online application process. This process includes creating a profile and answering job-relevant questions.

If you are an individual with a disability and are unable or limited in your ability to access job openings or apply for a job on this site, you can request a reasonable accommodation by contacting the Bureau of Human Resources at 605.773.3148 or

bullet How do I know that my application has been received?

Upon successful completion of the application process, an automated email will be sent confirming that your application was received. You may also check the status of your application under My Applications after you log in.

bullet I applied for a job. Now what?

If your skills and qualifications strongly match the position and you are chosen for an interview, the appointing authority will contact you either by phone or email to schedule a time. The interview selection process may take several weeks, so please be patient. Candidates not selected will receive an email at the end of the selection process.

bullet Can I change my application after I submit it?

You cannot make changes to an application after it has been submitted for a specific job. If you need assistance with an application that has already been submitted, please contact the Bureau of Human Resources at 605.773.3148 or

bullet How do I withdraw my application?

Log in, click My applications, and select the check box for the application you want to withdraw. Click Actions, Withdraw, and then click OK to confirm. The status of your application displays as Withdrawn. If the job is still posted, you may reapply.

bullet Why are previously submitted documents/attachments appearing on my current application?

Our system automatically syncs your job applications with your candidate profile. Therefore, any attachments submitted with a prior application remain on your profile and are attached to future applications. The benefit is that if you update your resume, etc. it will automatically update your profile and be attached the next time you apply for an opening, saving you a step. The downside is that it will also pull over previous cover letters, questionnaires, etc. that you have attached to earlier applications but may no longer want on the most current one.

To avoid unwanted attachments from being submitted to the hiring manager, review the attachments on your profile, as well as those attached to the current application and delete any that do not apply prior to submission. If you need assistance removing attachments from an application that has already been submitted, please contact the Bureau of Human Resources at 605.773.3148 or and we can remove them.

bullet How long do jobs stay posted on the website?

Jobs with a closing date will remain on the website until the closing date. If a job is announced as open until filled, it will remain posted until the position is filled.

bullet What format should my resume be created in?

For best results, please attach your resume, or any other documents, as a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document.

bullet What should I do if I don’t have an email address?

Click here to create an email address free of charge.

bullet What can I do once I log back into the Jobs page?
  • Update your profile (My Profile tab)
  • Store and update your resume and additional attachments (My Profile tab)
  • View your job cart and a history of jobs you have applied for (My Applications tab)
  • Check the status of your application(s) (My Applications tab)
  • Change your password (Change My Password tab)

bullet I forgot my Username and Password.  How do I retrieve this information?

Your username is the email address you entered when you first registered.  If you forgot your password, please contact the Bureau of Human Resources at 605.773.3148 or to reset your password.

bullet I got an error that says “Exception thrown on server.”  What does that mean?

Typically that error means you tried to copy/paste information into your application. Please type the information into your application and that should allow you to proceed.

bullet What are the gray arrows next to the application fields?

If you see a drop-down arrow, click it and a window will appear with a list for you to select from. You must choose from the available list. Manually typing the information may result in an error.

bullet What does “Open Until Filled” mean?

If an announcement is listed as “open until filled” with no application deadline, we will accept applications until the position is filled. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible.

bullet I applied for an Open Until Filled opening and received a notice that the position had been filled and that my application won’t be considered. Why was I allowed to submit an application if it had already been filled?

We try to remove job postings as soon as we are notified that the position has been filled; however, at times there may be a gap between the job offer and our notification. If the position has been offered to an applicant at the time your application is submitted, you will be notified that the position has been filled and your application will not be considered.

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