Law Enforcement/ Criminal Justice Job Information

Correctional Officer

Reasons to consider a career as a Correctional Officer.

  • Competitive Pay   
    $16.70 per hour, $17.70 per hour on weekends. Earnings may exceed $36,000 annually after two years.

  • Superior Benefits   
    Receive the finest benefit package offered in the state.

  • Valuable Training   
    We train you…gain valuable law enforcement and supervisory experience to launch your career.

  • Promotion from Within
    We promote from within…opportunities are available in security, unit management, and administration.

  • Retire Early  
    Our portable, accelerated retirement plan is unmatched—retire as early as 45.

  • Job Stability   
    The field of corrections is growing rapidly, and will continue to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers questions on training, safety, requirements, the application process, and more.