FY23 Open Enrollment is Closed.

Your next change to make changes to your benefits elections will be during FY24 Open Enrollment unless you experience a qualified life event.

Follow the steps below to log in and elect your benefits for FY23. Please Note: You must use Chrome when logging into Employee Space, as Internet Explorer is not compatible.

1. Go to Employee Space at https://bfm.sd.gov/hr/es.aspx
2. Select Proceed to Employee Space
3. On the Infor sign in page, select MySD
4. Follow onscreen instructions to login
5. When you have successfully signed into Employee Space, select Benefits, then select Open Enrollment in the menu bar on the left.

Open Enrollment Login Instructions
Open Enrollment Troubleshoot Guide
Open Enrollment Script

Please Note: Open enrollment elections will not be finalized until after the Benefits Program has the opportunity to review elections. This is because, during the Open Enrollment period through May 16, employees may go into the enrollment site and change their elections if they change their mind about the benefits they initially selected. Finalizing Open Enrollment before then would take away this option for employees.

Open Enrollment Resources:

State of South Dakota Pharmacy Cost Compare Tool – Click for Instructions

Plan Name/Identifier Plan Member ID Link
Washington WMK8EM 1022TST0401 Click Here
Lincoln WMK8EL 1022TST0301 Click Here
Jefferson WMK8EK 1022TST0201 Click Here
Roosevelt WMK8EJ 1022TST0101 Click Here
Pharmacy Locator 1022TST0101 Click Here