beneFIT Well-Being Program FAQ

The beneFIT well-being program is offered as a benefit to employees. Tools and resources are provided to help improve your overall well-being, focusing on physical, mental, social, emotional, and financial health.

There are many wellness opportunities available to you and your covered spouse at no cost. A few are listed below.

  • Health screening
  • Track screening data
  • Certified health coaching
  • Activity/goal tracking
  • Challenges
  • Tracking device connection
  • Workout videos
  • Recipes
Schedule your health screening through Health Management Partners here.
  • There is a new portal this year, so each person needs to create a new account to access resources. Go to the beneFIT well-being portal,, and click Sign Up in the upper right corner.
  • Choose your affiliation (agency code), enter your date of birth, first name and last four of your SSN. Continue entering the fields of information and accept the terms of service.
  • You can either choose to complete the Health Assessment at that time or click Complete Later.
  • Choose a team by clicking one of the choices. We recommend selecting Team of One to get started and enter the dashboard. Teams can be joined or added later.
  • On the Dashboard you will find trackers, educational sessions, challenges and more!

The program is optional, but an incentive* will be provided to employees who participate in a health screening, because we feel it is beneficial for the employee to know and understand their numbers.

Yes. Both the employee and the covered spouse must complete the health screening for the employee to be eligible for the incentive.
While you can still complete the online Health Assessment and access multiple wellness program activities at, the onsite health screening is the only qualification needed to earn the incentive*.
Healthy living includes regular screenings to measure your most important health numbers: your blood pressure, your cholesterol levels, and your body mass index (height and weight). Receive valuable information to keep you healthy today and help prevent serious health problems in the future.
Yes. Call the Health Management Partners Helpline at 1.866.330.9886 and they can assist you.

You can complete your health screening by scheduling an annual wellness preventive exam with your physician. Click here to download the form. The form indicates it should be submitted prior to April 1, 2021; however, we recommend that you submit it by March 1. This allows for the 10-day processing period and allows you to check your completion status before the April 1 deadline.

Yes. Each member is eligible for one annual wellness exam covered at 100 percent as preventive care once per plan year. If you have not visited your physician for preventative care since July 1, 2020, it will be covered. If you have already had screening tests conducted any time after April 1, 2020, you can print the Health Care Provider Form and have the clinic fill in the results from that appointment.

Log into, click on the Health Screening time on the home page, and click on Register to log into the Health Management Partners portal where you made your appointment. At the bottom of the screen, select Schedule Screening. You can cancel your scheduled appointment and then schedule a new appointment. Call the HMP HelpLine at 1.866.330.9886, if assistance is needed.

You will receive an email confirmation once you have completed your health screening. Covered spouses also need to complete the health screening for you to be eligible.

You can also call the helpline at 1-800-721-2749, email or check your completion status at under My Progress. On the left of the dashboard, you will see a My Progress trophy. If you have completed the Health Screening, the progress bar will be filled in orange. You may also view the Vitals tab at the top of the toolbar to review your numbers and compare to last year.

Click on the forgot username or forgot password links, use the chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen or contact the StayWell HelpLine at 800-721-2749.

Log into your account at and select the Vitals tab at the top of the screen.

Health Screening results can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto the portal and marked complete on your account. We recommend if you are submitting a Health Care Provider Form, that you do so by March 1. This allows for the 10-day processing period and you to receive your confirmation statement prior to the April 1 deadline.
Yes. There are several types of fitness trackers that can be connected to the beneFIT well-being program website at Click on the connect devices icon  on the upper right and choose your source.

You can sync your HealthKit/Apple Health app by downloading and logging in to the My Staywell app. The icon is green with four white vertical lines and dots. Apple devices are only compatible with our mobile app.

To sync your HealthKid to the My Staywell app:

  1. Open the My StayWell app and select ‘More’
  2. Tap 'Sync Device'
  3. Tap 'Sync HealthKit'
  4. Click 'Allow' to allow My Staywell to access all health data types listed
  5. If successful, your device list will say ‘HealthKit Synced’ with a check mark next to it

Please allow 48 hours for the data sync.

Certified health experts work with you in many different topic areas including reducing stress, improving sleep quality, weight management, quitting smoking, and much more. Your health coach will work with you to create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals. You can select your coach from a list provided and participate via chat, zoom or phone call.

Select 'Connect with a Coach' on the left side of the dashboard home page.

Select virtual coach visit to set up a virtual or telephonic coach visit.

The Condition Management Program is available to those with one of the following conditions: Asthma, Pain, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Kidney Care. If you have one of the conditions you are encouraged to participate on the program as the staff are trained specifically for those conditions. In addition, if you actively participate there are other potential free benefits such as free office visits, free lab work, and more!

The Lifestyle Coaching through StayWell can still be used by those that participate in Conditions Management to improve their lifestyle. Topic areas including reducing stress, improving sleep quality, weight management, quitting smoking, and much more.

The Condition Management Program is available to those with one of the following conditions: Asthma, Pain, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Kidney Care. Enroll or get more information here or call toll-free at 877-573-7347, select option 3 for Health Management Partners (HMP).

By actively participating in a condition management program through Health Management Partners you have access to a personal health coach and active participation may result in incentives including free office visits, free lab work, and more!

The email addresses are taken from your profile with the Bureau of Human Resources. Board of Regents employees should contact their human resources office for more information. State employees can update information by logging into employee space at

Yes. Any benefit-eligible employee may participate.

You can access all beneFIT well-being program services. The health screening will not have any impact on your health plan. The FY22 incentive* applies to active employees only.

*The State, at its discretion, reserves the right to change the incentive.