Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP), is sponsored by the South Dakota State Employee Benefits Program, and provided by KEPRO Healthcare, as a service offered at no cost to benefit eligible employees, spouses, and dependents. Employees, spouses, and dependents need to be benefit eligible but do not need to be enrolled in the South Dakota State Employee Health Plan to use EAP.

Covid-19 Resources

As we all work to maintain personal safety, the safety of our family, communities and our workplaces during the COVID-19 Outbreak, your Employee Assistance Program is here to support your emotional well-being and efforts to navigate this pandemic.

Online Seminars

Additional COVID-19 Resources

To learn more about EAP or to request services, call 800-713-6288 or visit www.EAPHelplink.com and enter company code southdakota.

EAP helps employees resolve a wide range of issues and restore both personal and professional effectiveness. EAP will assist employees in managing the personal challenges that influence well-being, performance, and effectiveness. Employees using EAP services must follow established leave policies; contact your Human Resource Manager with questions.

Covered Services:

  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Financial/Legal Concerns
  • Managing Change & Transition
  • Drug/Alcohol
  • Work Related Concerns
  • Family/Relationship Issues
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Parenting Issues
  • Child/Eldercare Issues
  • Management or Supervisory Issues

Program Incentives:

  • Telephonic support by Masters and PhD level counselors for crises and emergencies
  • Telephonic support to arrange for in-person counseling
  • Up to 5 in-person counseling sessions (per incident per fiscal year) for a range of personal issues, depression, work-family balance, and substance abuse concerns. Employees must have a referral from KEPRO to use counseling services

Consultation Services:

In addition, EAP offers consultations including:

Family Caregiving
Resources and referrals for dependent care related services, in addition to emergency back-up childcare and elder and more.
Convenience Services
Assistance in locating household and daily living resources, including pet care services, home repairs, travel planning and event scheduling and more.
Financial Services
Up to 30-minutes financial consultation with a Certified Financial Planner or CPA per issue at no-cost.
Legal Services
Up to 30-minutes consultation per issue with an attorney at no-cost and 25% discount of fees if you decide to retain an attorney.

Learn more about specific EAP services in the flyers below:

Upcoming On-Demand Seminars

Feeling good about yourself and your life, being curious about the world around you, and enjoying what you do are all aspects of what is called “well-being.” It also includes having positive relationships, a feeling of control over your life, and a sense of purpose. Ways to increase your personal well-being include connecting with others, being active, continuing to learn, and giving back. Your Employee Assistance Program can help you discover new ways of enhancing your well-being.

Monthly Webinar Title:
Planning for Professional Growth - Available on Demand Now!

Professional growth and success don't just happen by chance. In this session, we will discuss the four stages of professional careers and provide you with tools to develop a self-assessment plan that can lead to your career growth.

How to Access:
Go to your EAP web site:  www.EAPhelplink.com   Enter your code:  southdakota and click on Online Seminars.