Our Healthy Baby Program

Expecting Someone Special?

Get $500 Incentive with Our Healthy Baby Program

If you're expecting - or if you're expecting that you’ll be expecting - you'll want to know about the Our Healthy Baby Program.

It’s a volunteer program for expectant mothers covered by the South Dakota State Employee Health Plan. And it provides you with special attention during pregnancy so you’re more likely to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

You’ll receive:

  • Individual case management, educational materials and contact from healthcare experts throughout your pregnancy
  • $250 incentive deposited into your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or Combination HRA if you enroll during the first three months of pregnancy (Please refer to the HRA page for more details)
  • An additional $250 upon successful completion of the program
  • Choice of one available prenatal or parenting book, access to online pregnancy-related information and educational materials sent via mail throughout pregnancy
  • One first trimester ultrasound and one second trimester ultrasound, both covered at 100% (pre-authorized by HMP)

To learn more or enroll, contact Health Management Partners (HMP) at 1.866.330.9886 or log into the Health Management Partners Portal.

Enrollment in the Our Healthy Baby Program does not automatically add the new child to the Health Plan.

To be covered, the child must be enrolled in the Plan within 30 days of the birth. The Employee must complete a Family Status Change form during the 30 day time period and pay required contributions for coverage to take effect.

If the child is not added during the 30-day Special Enrollment Period, the child will not be covered under the Plan. The Employee will be able to enroll the child during Annual Enrollment or when incurring qualifying family status change or after satisfying a waiting period. See "Special Enrollment" and "Late Entrants to the South Dakota State Employee Health Plan" sections.

For more information, contact Health Management Partners (HMP) at 1.866.330.9886 or by enrolling online by logging into the Health Management Partners Portal.