New Employee Enrollment

As a new employee, one of the first things you'll want to do is select benefits for yourself and your eligible dependents. You must make your choices within the first 30 days of your date of hire. Enrolling in your benefits couldn't be easier - you make your elections right here on the web through our online enrollment process.

Before you enroll: review the FY20 Decision Guide.


Ongoing Spouse and Dependent Audit

The South Dakota State Employee Benefits Program has partnered with Dialog Direct to administer on-going eligibility verification of spouses and dependents who are added to the health plan and/or flexible benefits. If you add a spouse or dependent during your enrollment period, information will be sent to your home instructing you on how to submit documentation verifying your spouse and/or dependent are eligible for coverage. Click here for more information.

ALEX is Live for New Employees!

If you are a new employee interested in enrolling in benefits for FY20, ALEX is here to provide you with a complete and accurate summary of the South Dakota State Employee Benefits Program. The step-by-step breakdown will assist you in selecting the right benefits package for your personal family and financial situation. Need a side-by-side comparison of the health plans offered? ALEX can do that too.

Throughout each step of the process you will be given options to choose from. Below you will see three examples of slides you might see when selecting your ideal health plan. All you need to do is point and click!

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALEX is for new employees researching enrollment options for  the FY20 benefits plans. To complete your enrollment in the benefits plans please go to the new employee benefits enrollment page.

example of ALEX slides