Your New beneFIT Well-Being Program

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Your beneFIT well-being portal matches your unique needs and interests with tools and resources that are right for you. Complete your online health assessment to receive personalized recommendations that help you set goals, find your motivation, and track your progress! The well-being program focuses on multiple aspects of health including physical, emotional, financial and more. Click here to read the Find Your Feel Good program overview flyer.

Access beneFIT resources throughout the year and take charge of your total well-being:

  • beneFIT now easier to access (Information coming soon)
  • Having trouble creating an account on the new portal? Click here for our troubleshooting tips, and check out the beneFIT FAQ.
  • Access resources and check your reward status on the beneFIT portal through May.
  • Portal will reopen in July with new program resources and rewards.
  • New employee? Click here.
  • New employees who have access to the portal and can complete well-being activities can earn the rewards that will be paid out in FY23. You must complete all steps of the health plan enrollment process before you will have access to the beneFIT portal.
    Employees with a benefit effective date of April 1 or later will not be eligible for the well-being reward. Please note, new hires receive an initial $500 New Hire contribution in an HSA or HRA to offset costs during the current plan year based on the plan they selected. Additional information is available on the New Hire Page.
  • Download the FY23 Physician Form
  • Scan the QR code to download the WebMD Wellness at Your Side mobile app (See below)

Employees can earn rewards for active participation! Visit the portal early to learn about reward options. The deadline for earning rewards is April 1, 2022. This year’s activities may require more time and additional planning. If you have questions related to the portal and/or reward, please contact Customer Service at 1.800.721.2749. Go to the, create a new account and get started towards better health today!

There are two wellness qualifications required to earn Reward Number 1:

  1. Online Health Assessment – Go to the beneFIT portal and complete the Health Assessment questionnaire, when it becomes available in September.
  2. Biometric Screening –  This qualification can be completed in one of the following ways:
    • Participate in one of the on-site biometric screening events offered and your completion status will automatically update your portal, or
    • Schedule an annual wellness preventive exam with your primary health care provider, follow the instructions on the Physician Form and complete with your doctor. The employee must submit the form with required information and signatures to Total Wellness prior to April 1, 2022 and confirm that it has been received and approved by checking their portal account.

The employee and their covered spouse (if applicable) must complete both qualifications by April 1, 2022, for the employee to earn Reward Number 1.

Employees can earn points by completing well-being activities and turn those points into reward dollars. Earning 100 points will earn you $100. You can complete this up to 4 times to earn a maximum of $400. The reward is awarded in $100 increments. All eligible activities are tracked on the beneFIT well-being portal. Spouses can participate in any of the activities, but their points will not count towards this employee-only reward.

Examples of Point Opportunities:

  • Motivated Coaching
  • Individual and Team Challenges
  • Daily Habits Program
  • EAP Webinars
  • BHR Lunch and Learns
  • SD Retirement System Workshops and Individual Consultations
  • Better Choices Better Health of SD Programs 
  • Wellmark Care Team (Previously HMP Conditions Management)

Reward Payout

* For both rewards, the account type is based upon the health plan you select during open enrollment in May 2022:

  • Low Deductible Health Plan – receive reimbursement of up to $900 in a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) to offset costs during the plan year.
  • High Deductible Health Plan – receive the State contribution of up to $900 into a Health Savings Account (HSA), if eligible based on IRS rules. Employees who do not qualify for the HSA can choose one of the Low Deductible Health Plans and receive the HRA or choose a High Deductible Health Plan and decline the HSA.
  • To be eligible for the reward, the employee must be the primary policyholder of the health plan when earning the reward (2021-22) and enrolled as the primary policyholder when the reward is distributed (2022-23).You and your covered spouse must create NEW individual accounts on the beneFIT well-being portal and accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions to access the well-being program and be eligible for either reward.
  • Each reward can be earned independently from the other.

Prior to the April 1, 2022 Deadline:

  • The employee is responsible for checking their reward status prior to the deadline.
  • The reward status displayed on your beneFIT well-being portal on April 1, is the reward you will receive.

Scan the code to download the WebMD Wellness at Your Side mobile app

More Information and Customer Support

For all questions regarding the beneFIT well-being portal, point earning potential and reward opportunities, call the WebMD Helpline at 1.800.721.2749.

Questions or concerns that are not be addressed by WebMD should be referred to the South Dakota State Employee Benefits Program at 605.773.6027 or