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January 2020

Deadline for Completing the Three Wellness Qualifications

While the official deadline for completing the three wellness qualifications is April 1, we recommend completing them by March 1, so you can ensure that your progress bar is at 100 points for individual coverage or 200 points if you cover a spouse, prior to the deadline. If you plan on going to your health care provider to complete and send in a Health Care Provider Form to meet the health screening qualification, it can take up to two weeks for your results to populate in your StayWell account.

Instructions for completing the Health Care Provider Form can be found here.   

Men's Preventive Health Services

Recent surveys have shown that 40 percent of men only go to see their doctor when they are concerned about a serious medical condition. That is why South Dakota State Employee Health Plan offers one annual wellness preventive exam each plan year (July 1 to June 30). The State covers the cost of this exam at 100%. Call your doctor to set up an appointment for your preventive physical today. If you are uncertain if you have had your wellness exam this plan year, please call DAKOTACARE Customer Service 1.800.831.0785.

In addition to the Annual Wellness Preventive Exam, men are also eligible for several preventive services through the health plan:

Age 40+

  • Screen for type 2 diabetes in asymptomatic adults with sustained blood pressure greater than 135/80
  • STI Testing - Syphilis & HIV
  • Annual influenza vaccine
  • Smoking cessation medications

Age 50+

  • One fecal occult blood test per plan year beginning at age 50
  • One colonoscopy every ten years or flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years
  • One colonoscopy every three plan years beginning at age 50 for members requiring more frequent follow up due to personal history / previous findings on a colonoscopy
  • Two dose series of Shingrix (shingle) for adults

Age 60+

  • Single dose of Zoster (shingle) for adults

Changes Coming to the Prescription Drug Formulary

Please be advised that CVS Caremark has announced changes to the prescription drug formulary which will be effective January 1, 2020. These changes may impact prescription purchases for you and your family going forward. To review the January 1, 2020 formulary, please visit https://bhr.sd.gov/benefits/FY20Files/01-20AdvancedControlFormulary.pdf.

If you have questions regarding your prescription coverage or any formulary change, please call CVS Caremark at 866.443.1185 or visit www.Caremark.com.

EAP Online Seminar - Examining Relationships: Healthy vs Unhealthy

This session helps participants identify the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships and what kind of relationships to avoid. Participants will examine different types of relationships, from family and friendship to romantic and professional. They will review real-life scenarios that are sure to stimulate lively discussions. They will also discuss bullying in the workplace and how it differs from legitimate feedback or disciplinary action. For those who need to let a relationship go, the session explains how to "ACT"—Accept the fact, Consider one's own needs, and Take time to heal.

Earn 25 wellness points if you watch this webinar and enter the date at benefit.staywell.com. To log your points, go to the My Progress bar, arrow down to Employee Assistance Program and enter the date you completed the webinar. The maximum number of points you can earn in the Employee Assistance Program section is 50 points. This webinar is available for viewing any time during the month of January. (Company Code: southdakota)

What's Next in the Lunch and Learn Series?

The next Lunch and Learn will focus on Short-Term Disability and will be presented by MetLife. The presentation will offer an in-depth look at life insurance policies available to state employees. Visit https://bhr.sd.gov/benefits/lunchandlearns.html at 12:10 pm CDT on Wednesday, January 15, to participate.

Health Coaching Options - Let Our Health Coaches Help You Reach Your 2020 Goals!

Health coaches can help you set personal wellness goals and find ways to achieve them. Create an action plan that’s right for your health status, your medical conditions and your personal goals. The beneFIT Well-Being Program provides two telephonic coaching opportunities that are a tremendous value which are available at no charge to you. Select the one below that is right for you.

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