March 2020

The three wellness qualifications deadline is approaching

The deadline for completing the three wellness qualifications is April 1.   

If you and your covered spouse (if applicable) complete the three wellness qualifications by April 1, 2020, you will qualify for the Low Deductible Health Plan for FY21 or you will earn the State's contribution for your Health Savings Account (HSA), if you choose the High Deductible Health Plan for FY21. If you choose not to complete the wellness qualifications, you will default to the High Deductible Health Plan and will not receive any State contribution to your Health Savings Account for FY21.

Figuring out if you’ve met the three wellness qualifications is easy. Login to and click on My Progress to check your completion status. Points earned will not populate on your points bar until your online health assessment and onsite health screening have been completed. To earn your incentive, the progress bars should look like this: The green progress bar must show 100 points completed for individual coverage.

The green progress bar must show 200 points if you are an employee with a covered spouse.

Visit the beneFIT page to view a complete set of step-by-step instructions.

Take advantage of preventive cancer screenings

The best way to fight any serious illness is to catch and fight it early. The health plan provides several preventive cancer screenings to all members. These screenings are available to you at no additional cost.

General screenings available to members regardless of age

  • One annual wellness exam per plan year
  • One on-site health screening per plan year
  • One annual well-woman exam

Men and Women age 50+

  • One fecal occult blood test per plan year beginning at age 50
  • One colonoscopy every ten years or flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years*
  • One colonoscopy every three plan years beginning at age 50 for members requiring more frequent follow up due to personal history / previous findings on a colonoscopy*

*Includes anesthesia and pathology

Women age 40+

  • One mammogram screening per plan year
  • High risk HPV DNA testing every three plan years with normal cytology results
  • One cervical cancer pap smear screening per plan year
  • One breast exam by physician per plan year

Men age 50+

  • For men aged 50 and older, an annual diagnostic exam is available, including a digital rectal examination and PSA test for asymptomatic men. (Asymptomatic means showing no symptoms)

Additional information on covered preventive services is available on the Benefits website. If you have additional questions about these and other preventive screenings, please contact the benefits division at 605.773.3148.

Update your beneficiary information

We want to ensure that you have the most recent beneficiary on file so that your life insurance benefits go to the beneficiary of your choice. Our Human Resources Information System was recently updated, resulting in changes on how we track the life insurance benefit.

You may have received a letter recently if your beneficiary(ies) are not listed properly. Please visit our new Beneficiary FAQ page to ensure that yours are entered into the system correctly. Doing so is the only way to ensure the correct people receive any insurance benefit should something happen to you.

EAP Online Seminar - Managing Workplace Stressors

This session focuses on the professional or workplace items that could be causing you stress and provides you with information and strategies to address and manage these stressors effectively.

Earn 25 wellness points if you watch this webinar and enter the date at To log your points, go to the My Progress tab, arrow down to Employee Assistance Program, click on EAP Webinar and ender the date you completed the webinar. The maximum number of points you can earn in the Employee Assistance Program section is 50 points. This webinar is available for viewing any time during the month of March. Go to (Company Code: southdakota) to get started.

What's next in the Lunch and Learn series?

The next Lunch and Learn will focus on Preventive Cancer Screenings. The presentation will offer an in-depth look at the various options available to you, the benefits of early diagnosis, and more. Visit the Lunch and Learn page at 12:10 p.m. CT on Wednesday, March 11, to participate.

Infographic - Annual Enrollment is coming!

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