May 2020

Employee Benefits Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment ends at noon your time on May 13. This is the only time during the plan year you can make changes to your benefits without a valid qualifying life event.

If you do not participate in Annual Enrollment:

  • Your FY20 Health Plan selection and coverage level (single, married, etc) will remain unchanged in FY21.*
  • You will not be contributing any money to a medical or dependent flexible spending account.
  • Your current flexible benefits (dental, vision, etc) will remain the same.
  • You current HSA pre-tax employee payroll contribution will remain the same.

*It is important to note that if you are enrolled in the Low Deductible Health Plan for FY20, and did not complete your three wellness qualifications, you and your spouse and/or covered dependents (if applicable) will be defaulted to the High Deductible Health Plan for FY21, unless you were hired on or after July 1, 2019.

Visit the Annual Enrollment page for links to resources and the enrollment site.

FY21 Health Plan Changes

HSA Policy - Employee who  choose the high deductible health plan will not receive any State contribution to a Health Savings Account if you and your covered spouse (if applicable) did not complete the three wellness qualifications by April 1, 2020, unless you were hired on or after July 1, 2019.

Short-Term Disability - The Short-Term Disability Income Plan has new enhancements for FY21. These enhancements change the elimination period (the amount of time you must be absent from work to begin receiving benefits) from 30 days to 7 days. The weekly benefit amount has been increased from 60% of your base weekly pay to 70% of your base weekly pay, or a maximum of $1,200 per week. These enhancements will result in a minimal rate increase.

Medicare Opt-Outs - If you are covered by Medicare, you may now opt-out of the Health Plan during Annual Enrollment only. However, if you opt-out because of Medicare coverage, you will not receive the opt-out credit because regulations prohibit the State from contributing to a Health Reimbursement Account.

COVID-19 Wellness Resources - The Employee Assistance Program offers a host of articles, practical tips, and online seminars for all your well-being needs. (Company code: southdakota) - A new website from StayWell with articles, videos, and infographics designed to keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC Stress and Coping Recommendations - Great ideas on dealing with the COVID-19 reality from the Centers for Disease Control.

EAP Online Seminars

Planning for Professional Growth - Professional growth and success don't just happen by chance. In this session, we will discuss the four stages of professional careers and provide you with tools to develop a self-assessment plan that can lead to your career growth.

Build Psychological Immunity During the Coronavirus Outbreak - This seminar identifies and acknowledges the emotions you may be experiencing and offers practical suggestions for coping. Topics covered include understanding stress, increasing psychological immunity, practical coping strategies, organizational sensitivity, and discovering resources available.

Keep Calm and Carry On: Maintaining Your Composure Amidst the Pandemic Panic - The coronavirus has led to widespread fear on a global scale. This had led to extreme uncertainty and anxiety as well as unprecedented business and health challenges are being presented across the world. It is more important than ever to retain a healthy sense of perspective, focus upon practical ways to adapt to the situation and respond in a composed way to the outbreak. Topics covered include tackling anxiety and stress, practical work-from-home techniques, addressing signs of panic in the workplace, and when to reach out for help and support.

Go to (Company Code: southdakota) to view these online seminars.

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