Shortcuts, Tips, and Tricks

Can’t remember that one keyboard shortcut? Trying to figure out what browser you’re using? Welcome to our new page on shortcuts, tips, and tricks!

Action Keys
Copy CRTL+c
Cut CTRL+x
Find CTRL+f
New CTRL+n
Close CTRL+w
Undo CTRL+z
Select All CTRL+a
Show or Hide Desktop Win + D
Open Settings Win+i
Save Screenshot Win+PrtScn
Open Start Menu CTRL+ESC
Refresh F5
Delete Delete
Visit to see which version of what browser you are using. Knowing this will make it easier when attempting to log into the beneFIT Well-Being Portal, selecting your benefits during Open Enrollment, or other things that work better with specific browsers.
It is not uncommon to see an older version of something online, especially if you’re used to visiting that website. Clearing your cache and cookies can be useful if you are trying to load a page or online document that has been recently updated.
Bookmarking a page is a useful way to keep track of websites and pages you visit frequently. There is a different process for each browser. Reminder: It helps periodically check your bookmarks from time to time to make sure they are still accurate.