*NEW* The Challenge of Change

3-hour class - Cost: $60
AFE# for DOT - 74J3

Change - love it or hate it, it certainly has its challenges, doesn't it?! This is especially true when you are leading and supervising staff.

When you are supervising and leading other people, you cannot just start changing things left and right. You need to establish a foundation, get buy in, and leverage small changes into bigger changes. Where do you start? Should we do a quick change? Should the change evolve over time? Who do you talk to? What do you do first? What do you do next? This class shows tips, steps, and tools to help you decide. But that is just part of it - often, the hardest part of leading people through change is understanding the emotions employees go through as they transition through the change process. In the class you will learn the three phases employees go through as they move through accepting the change: Ending (grieving the loss of what used to be); the Neutral Zone (that period of uncertainty between the old and the new); and the New Beginning (launching the new adventure). This class will help you understand the emotions and phases people move through and how to help them not get stuck!

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Please Note: Class size will be limited to 15 participants for the time being.