Training Tuesday

Every third Tuesday of the Month, at 10:00 a.m. CT, the Bureau of Human Resources will host a virtual training session under the umbrella of Training Tuesdays. Topics and speakers will vary each month. Each will be chosen approximately 2-3 months out as to continue to host relevant topics and speakers.   

These sessions are open to all state employees. We encourage everyone to return back to this site regularly to see the new topics for the upcoming months. We will also highlight the upcoming sessions in the monthly Training & Development Digest.

November 16 – Managing Holiday Stress

When and where: 10:00-11:30 a.m. CT via Zoom
Cost: FREE!

Training Session Objectives:
  • Identify ways to cope with emotional stressors of the holidays
    • List tips for handling family conflicts
    • Practice positive self-talk
    • Identify opportunities to laugh more
  • Describe how to control unrealistic expectations
    • Identify your own limits
    • Identify what holiday tasks you can delegate
    • Describe a realistic picture of what you and your family can expect during the holidays
  • Identify your financial limits
    • Describe the importance of a holiday budget
    • Describe how to involve the family in money conversations
  • Describe important health considerations
    • Create a plan for how to “eat right” during the holidays
    • Identify ways to get exercise during the holidays
    • Describe ways to avoid the “holiday blues”