Training Tuesday

Every third Tuesday of the Month, at 10:00 a.m. CT, the Bureau of Human Resources will host a virtual training session under the umbrella of Training Tuesdays. Topics and speakers will vary each month. Each will be chosen approximately 2-3 months out as to continue to host relevant topics and speakers.   

These sessions are open to all state employees. We encourage everyone to return back to this site regularly to see the new topics for the upcoming months. We will also highlight the upcoming sessions in the monthly Training & Development Digest.

September 21 – How To Make Working From Home Work For Everyone

The pandemic accelerated the idea of working from home in ways we could never imagine. And if you stop and think about it, what you do-the expected tasks and outcomes-don’t change that much when you work from home. The big change is how the work gets done. If you don’t create the right mindset and routines you can find both your work productivity AND personal well-being suffering.

In this session, Jones Loflin, who has been successfully working from home for over 26 years, will provide a practical and comprehensive blueprint for success when your home is your office. He will also provide invaluable insights to those managing employees working from home to ensure they are engaged, productive, and thriving personally.

Specific Objectives Include

  • Understanding the unique challenges of working from home for both the employee and their manager
  • Establishing schedules and routines that address both your work expectations and personal responsibilities
  • How to be more intentional with your communication to your manager and other members of your team
  • Building healthy and productive connections with team members
  • How managers can work differently with those who work from home to ensure that individual and team goals are achieved

Jones Loflin has made it his life’s work to deliver powerful ideas and practical solutions to individuals and organizations struggling with too much to do. His books are described as “illuminating” and his presentations as “unforgettable.” In his 26 years as a speaker and trainer he has helped countless people make better choices with their time so they can thrive in their work and life.

Jones’ innovative solutions on leadership, change, and time management have attracted the attention of organizations around the world. His client list includes Federal Express, Wal-Mart, Choice Hotels, Toyota, Bridgestone, American Farm Bureau and State Farm as well as the United States military. His international clients include Gillette and Aramark Canada.

To expand the reach of his message, Jones chose to become an author. Always Growing offers fresh strategies to lead whether you have been leading for two days or two decades. Juggling Elephants is a witty and profound parable about one man’s search for a better way to get everything done. The book is available in the US and over 14 countries. He is also the author of Getting The Blue Ribbon, a unique story offering simple strategies to get better results. Getting to It is considered a field guide to accomplishing what is most important.

As a certified Co-Active coach for the past five years, Jones strives to help his clients move forward in ways that are important to them. Jones believes the key to success is being passionate about certain things in life, including family, spiritual beliefs, career and relationships. One of his favorite quotes is by Zig Ziglar: “Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you can see farther.” Jones is grateful for every opportunity to work with individuals and organizations seeking better results. He lives in North Carolina with his wonderful wife Lisa and they have two perfect daughters.

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