Training Tuesdays

Training Tuesdays are special training webinar events hosted by BHR. These sessions are always hosted on the third Tuesday every few months at 10:00 a.m. CT. Topics and speakers will vary with each session. Training Tuesdays sessions are open to all state employees. Upcoming sessions will be highlighted both on this page, in the Training & Development Digest, and on the Training Calendar in SDLearn.

June 20 – Speak Easy: Redefining Communication for Maximum Results

The key to achieving our goals is our ability to communicate and connect. Yet our ever-evolving workplace changed how we do this. In June's Training Tuesday we will learn from expert communicator Erik Dominquez on how to connect and communicate with confidence. Teaching ancient rhetorical strategies with a modern twist, Erik challenges attendees to reimagine what it means to connect with clients and teams to maximize results. Participants will leave able to ensure maximum impact and maximum results by implementing an approach to communication and connection that works in our ever-evolving workplace! Additionally, participants will:

• Learn and explore what holds them back in communication and connection
• Apply modernized persuasion tools to capture attention
• Reimagine what it means to connect and communicate with confidence

Cost: $30 per participant

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