A New Learning Management System

SDLearn is the new Learning Management System for the State of South Dakota. All BHR Training and Development opportunities can be found in the SDLearn system. Employees can log into the system by clicking here. All employees will use Single Sign On.

SDLearn houses over 2,600 predeveloped courses in a multitude of content genres. The system is designed to take an employee’s job title and personal interests into account, allowing it to suggest training courses suited to their needs. Employees can search for professional and personal development courses in SDLearn as well as register for instructor-led trainings being offered. Employee onboarding, BIT cybersecurity training, required compliance training and Ignite Leadership Development will all be found within SDLearn as well. Besides choosing classes independently and the required courses assigned to employees, supervisors also have the ability to assign trainings to staff.

Courses with a cost associated will need to be approved by your supervisor. Your supervisor will be notified via email when you request to attend a course with a monetary cost associated with it.

To access SDLearn, visit https://sdlearn.csod.com and log in using your Single Sign On credentials.