A New Podcast for South Dakota State Employees!  

Welcome to the Bureau Buzz, a new podcast designed to give you a behind the scenes peek at state government. This monthly show will give the buzz around topics that might interest you as a state employee. We want you to meet the people behind the process and to learn fun facts, tips and tricks, and just real good information that will help us help you to get your job done!

This podcast will be available on both SDLearn and YouTube. Links can be found here, so be sure to bookmark this page. With this new format, you will be able to listen to the buzz whenever it's convenient for you.


  • June 2024: Freedom Works Here and Talent Acquisition  YouTube | SDLearn
  • May 2024: Governor's Awards of Excellence  YouTube | SDLearn  
  • April 2024: Open Enrollment with Darla Anderson:   YouTube | SDLearn
  • March 2024: Employee Orientation with Ryan Ogan   YouTube | SDLearn 
  • February 2024: BIT by BIT with Dan Hoblick and Tony Rae   YouTube | SDLearn 
  • February Mini-Episode: Governors Awards of Excellence with Darin Seeley   YouTube | SDLearn
  • January 2024: Living Well with LiveWellSD! with guest Kari Senger     YouTube | SDLearn
  • December 2023: Fleet & Travel with David McFarland     YouTube | SDLearn
  • November 2023: Blue365 with Assistant Benefits Director Kim Buck    YouTube | SDLearn
  • November Mini-Episode: Christmas at the Capitol!    YouTube | SDLearn 
  • October 2023: Merger in a Nutshell with Commissioner Darin Seeley   YouTube | SDLearn
  • September 2023: Teaser Episode - Honey to the Buzz    YouTube | SDLearn

Coming Soon:

  • January 2024: LiveWellSD