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The South Dakota Bureau of Human Resources believes in building, developing, and supporting a high-performing and healthy workforce.

Office of the Commissioner - Darin Seeley

State Capitol
500 East Capitol Ave, Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605.773.3148
Fax: 605.773.6947
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The Bureau of Human Resources provides HR services to state agencies and employees through the following divisions:

Director - Tom Steckel

Hillsview Plaza
3800 East Highway 34, Suite 1, Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605.773.6027
Workers' Compensation Fax: 855.806.4497
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  • Benefits: The Benefits Program administers and implements health, flexible, and wellness programs for the State of South Dakota. Benefits specialists serve state employees by providing information about the health plan, the beneFIT Well-being Program, and flexible benefits programs including vision, dental, and short-term disability.
  • Workers' Compensation: The South Dakota Workers’ Compensation Program is an insurance program that pays medical and disability benefits for work-related injuries and diseases.

Director - Ellen Zeller

State Capitol Room 117
500 East Capitol Ave, Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605.773.3148
Fax: 605.773.4344
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  • Classification: The classification program maintains the civil service classification system, handles classification actions and determines pay grades for state employees.
  • Compensation: The compensation program administers a comprehensive compensation system for the State of South Dakota, which includes providing consultation and support on compensation issues, drafting compensation policies, evaluating the effectiveness of current compensation systems and recommending changes, conducting salary surveys and market analyses, and reviewing and approving compensation requests.
  • Recruitment: Recruitment specialists promote employment with the State of South Dakota and assist state agencies by announcing job postings for state government jobs. This division manages and maintains the state’s online applicant system and provides assistance to applicants and managers throughout the announcement and selection process.

Interim Director - Shealan Jenkins

Tieszen Building
306 East Capitol Ave Ste 310, Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605.773.3461
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  • Organizational Development: The Organization Development program provides services to state agencies to measure and improve employee engagement, assist with employee/applicant assessments, and provide succession planning.
  • Employee Development (Training): The training program staff develops and provides training in the areas of supervisor development, professional development, and computer training through scheduled training in locations around the state as well as special requests for agencies.

Director - Aaron Arnold

State Capitol Room 110
500 East Capitol Ave, Pierre, SD 57501-5070
Phone: 605.773.3148
Fax: 605.773.6947
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  • Human Resource Services: Human Resource Managers and Specialists serve as state agencies’ point of contact for human resource services including payroll processing, onboarding new employees, resolving disciplinary issues, and providing human resource guidance and assistance.