Interview and Selection

3-hour class
AFE # - 74B5

What participants have said:

“The interview and selection class provided some excellent information even for a long term supervisor like me.  It was amazing that I had 25% committment questions, 35 % chemistry questions and 40% capability questions on my last interviews.”

Course Description:
This course will take you through the interview and selection process from announcing the position, to developing interview questions based on KSA’s, to submitting the interview packet.
Training Objectives:
  • Developing screening tools to enhance the interview process
  • Submitting appropriate documentation
Competencies addressed:
  • Develops Successful Teams
  • Displays High Integrity
  • Acts Decisively
  • Maintains Professional Credibility
  • Exercises Due Diligence
Accountabilities regarding:
  • Staffing
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Date Time City Location
November 16, 2022 9:00 a.m. – Noon CT Virtual Teams