Supervisory Legal Compliance (Online)

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These courses are only available to state employees.
These courses will be automatically assigned on the 15th (or the following business day) of the month for supervisors hired or promoted before the 8th of that month. Email notification and login instructions will be sent prior to the assignment being sent.

Module Description:

These online courses have been created to allow employees, a convenient, flexible option for completing required training.  Users can start and stop the modules as needed and complete using almost any device – computer, tablet, or phone – with online access from anywhere.

Legal Compliance course are offered through our Online Learning center provided by Syntrio. These courses are assigned monthly to new supervisors of the executive branch. These courses will be assigned on the 15th (or following buiness day) of each month. The Syntrio database is updated on the 8th of the month and will reflect all changes in supervisory status, hiring, and termination that is updated before that date. A notification will be delieved via Syntrio. After 3 years, supervisors will be automatically reassigned.

Course Descriptions:

Legal Aspects of Interview and Hiring

Course Length: 40 minutes
AFE # 74B4


The pre-employment process (i.e. recruitment, interviewing and hiring) is filled with legal pitfalls. As such, individuals involved in the recruitment, interviewing and hiring process need to be familiar with effective techniques and knowledgeable of federal, state, and local laws restricting hiring practices that could be considered discriminatory or invasions of privacy. This course discusses legal issues related to writing job descriptions, recruitment methods, interviewing, testing, and evaluating candidates as well as issues related to reference and background checks and offers of employment.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Course Length: 45 minutes
AFE # 74B3


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended by the ADA Amendment Act (ADAAA), and state and local laws prohibit employment discrimination against qualified individuals with a disability. Using hypothetical scenarios and practical exercises, this course teaches managers how to effectively and legally manage individuals with disabilities including the obligation to provide reasonable accommodations, if necessary. It also teaches preventive steps that a manager can take to avoid a claim of disability discrimination. 




Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Course Length: 15 minutes
AFE # 74J8


Conflicts of interest arise in the workplace can undermine the reputation and integrity of the individual(s) involved and the organization. This course teaches employees to recognize potential conflicts of interest, or situations that could be perceived as conflicts of interests, and respond appropriately by avoiding or disclosing the situation through appropriate channels.

If you have more questions about Legal Compliance Courses, send an email to BHR Training Registration or call (605) 773-3461.