SDHP Minimum Qualifications

Position Purpose

Performs law enforcement work, learns and applies traffic laws, motor carrier laws and regulations and enforces compliance with criminal laws. Works under supervision of a squad sergeant. May receive work direction from academy training officers and field training officers until proficient in assigned duties.

Minimum Qualifications

This position requires graduation from high school or possession of a GED certificate; or an equivalent combination of related education and experience. Competitive examinations are open to applicants who meet the requirements fixed by the Civil Service Commission with regard to education, experience, physical condition and other factors relating to the performance of the duties of the position. The requirements include the following:

  1. United States citizenship.
  2. Attainment of at least 21 years of age by date of the appointment.
  3. Possession of or ability to obtain a South Dakota driver's license.
  4. Vision - must possess 20/20 binocular vision with or without corrective lenses. Color, depth perception, and field of view must be normal as determined by an optometric examination.
  5. Hearing – using the average of the three readings at 500, 1000, and 3000 Hz, the average decibel loss per ear must be no worse than 35 decibels for each ear uncorrected.
  6. The applicant shall be free of any chronic disease or organic or functional defect, as determined by a medical examination, that would impair performance of the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.
  7. The applicant shall be capable of passing physical agility tests, including push-ups, sit-ups, vertical jump, and one and one-half mile run.
  8. The applicant shall comply with the South Dakota Highway Patrol tattoo, body piercing, and body modification policy. Applicants cannot have any tattoo deemed offensive. SDHP policy does not allow visible tattoos while wearing the prescribed long sleeve uniform shirt. 

The selection process involves: (1) application; (2) written test; (3) panel interview and physical testing; (4) background investigation and medical examination; (5) second panel interview and drug screening; and (6) polygraph exam.

Applicants shall be of good character as determined by a background investigation and shall not have had a felony conviction. Applicants must be willing to travel, work irregular hours, and relocate anywhere in the state. Final candidates will be subject to a polygraph exam before appointment.