Your New Employee Orientation

The New Employee Orientation series for executive branch employees is now offered through SDLearn. All new hires will be required to complete this orientation within their first few weeks of employment. For their first three weeks, new employees will receive emails inviting them to SDLearn to view videos on one particular subject. After viewing each video in the series, the new employee will be required to take a two question quiz.

New hires are typically given access to SDLearn within their first day of being a state employee. After the employee is able to access SDLearn, the learning assignments will be assigned. New hires will receive an email informing them of the learning assignment, what it entails, and its deadline.

The orientation is divided into three categories:

  • Human Resources – This curriculum will walk you through payroll, TKS, vacation and sick leave, the employee portal and more. It will be assigned within the employee's first week of employement with a two-week deadline.
  • Benefits & Well-Being – This includes the health plans, prescription drug benefits, flexible benefits options including dental and vision, tax-advantages accounts, the employee well-being and employee assistance programs. This will be assigned during a new hire’s second week, with a two-week deadline.
  • Retirement – This part of the New Employee Orientation with the State of South Dakota will cover both the South Dakota Retirement System and the Supplemental Retirement Plan. It will be assigned during a new employee’s third week with a two-week deadline.

New hires who do not complete the learning assignment will receive reminder emails. An employee's immediate supervisor will also receive email notifications if their new hire fails to complete the assignment after the two-week deadline.