Retiree Under 65

SPECIAL NOTIFICATION: Pre-65 Coverage Ending July 1, 2021

The State of South Dakota Employee Benefits Program has determined that the costs associated with the Pre-65 Health Plan that is currently offered is not a financially competitive plan. Therefore, effective July 1, 2021, the State of South Dakota will no longer be offering Pre-65 Retiree Coverage to current and future State retirees. If you are currently enrolled in one of the Pre-65 Retiree Plans, your coverage will terminate, for you and your eligible, enrolled dependents as of July 1, 2021.

This was a difficult decision and we understand the inconvenience it creates for you and your family. To help you in this transition, we are including some resources for alternative coverage for you and your family. You are likely to find you can purchase higher value plans at lower premiums than are currently available through the State. Plan termination is considered a Qualifying Life Event, allowing you and any enrolled family members to enroll in alternative coverage, which does not include COBRA continuation coverage. You will receive a reminder in June that will show your coverage ends as of June 30, 2021.

Sanford Health Plan Individual Health Options
Phone: 888.535.4831

Avera Health Plan Individual Health Options
Phone: 605.332.4527
Phone: 800.318.2596

Current Pre-65 Retiree Information

Retiree application form (coverage until age 65) will be mailed to the retiree once the South Dakota Retirement System provides the Benefits Program a list of new retirees who will be receiving a monthly retirement benefit.

COBRA application form (18 months of coverage) will be mailed to the retiree after active benefits have been terminated.

Retiree has 60 days from the date active benefits terminate to return the COBRA and/or Retiree application form(s).

To learn more about your Retiree continuation options, click a link below.

Retiree Enrollment Form (Contact the benefits program at 605.773.6027)


More Information

For mid-year qualifying family status events, complete the Family Status Change Form.