Open Enrollment is the only time during the plan year you can make changes to your benefits without a valid qualifying event. The window for selecting benefits for FY22 for you and your family is May 3 – May 17, 2021. Because your previous selections will not carry over to the next year, you must participate in FY22 Open Enrollment. This is true even for individuals who have previously opted out of the health plan.

Visit the BHR Open Enrollment Page to learn more!

The goal of the South Dakota State Employee Benefits Program is to offer quality, affordable health care and flexible benefits options. When combined with the beneFIT Well-Being Program, State employees have all of the resources and options necessary to make informed health care decisions and healthier life choices.

Eligible State employees and their families will have access to a number of options including the Low Deductible Health Plan, High Deductible Health Plan with Health Savings Accountdentalvision, and life insurance.

Retiree / COBRA

The South Dakota State Employee Benefits Program also offers options for former State employees who are now either a retiree or a COBRA members. Here you will find all of the necessary formsdocuments, and resources to help you keep track of health plans and flexible benefits available to you.