Life Events

A Qualifying Life Event allows you to make mid-year changes to your benefits. Examples of a Qualifying Life Event include the adoption, birth of a child, a newly eligible dependent, or loss of other coverage. Click here to view the Life Event Information and Life Events Enrollment Instructions.

It’s important to note that, with the exception of loss of Medicaid coverage for a dependent, all Qualifying Life Event change requests must be completed and submitted withing 30 days of the event, which includes uploading appropriate documentation. For example, if you get married on July 15th you must submit your request, with supporting documentation, by August 13th.

All benefit changes will become effective on the first of the month following the event date, with the exception of a birth, adoption, or legal guardianship, which would be effective as of the actual date of these events.

If you experience a Qualifying Life Event, but do not plan to make any changes to your benefits, you do not need to complete the Life Event in Employee Space.

As a reminder, Life Events are made in Employee Space. Emails pertaining to life events will come from Please do not delete emails from this address.

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Adoption Birth of a Child Marriage
Divorce Death of Spouse or Dependent Dependent Gains Eligibility
Under Another Plan
Dependent Care FSA Change HSA Employee Deduction Change Newly Eligible Dependent
or Employee
Legal Guardianship Legal Separation Life Insurance Add/Drop/or Beneficiaries
Medicaid Eligibility Medicare Eligibility Overage Dependent
Spouse/Dependent Open
Enrollment Period
Spouse Begins Employment
(Gains Eligibility Under Another Plan)
Spouse Ending Employment
(Loses Eligibility Under Another Plan)
Tobacco Status Change

Update Your Beneficiary Information – Instructions