Ignite Leadership Development  

Ignite Leadership Development recognizes that developing yourself as a leader does not have a finish line; it is an ongoing practice that challenges and renews as we gain experience and responsibility. Ignite offers five unique leadership development tracks and allows participants to proceed at their own pace. Each level has its own course curriculum, learning path, and recommended book list. Ignite will have an ever-evolving menu of courses designed to guide employees into the best leaders they can become.

The Ignite leadership levels include:

  • Any-Level Leaders for those who do not supervise but have influence.
  • Aspiring Leaders for those aspiring to be a supervisor.
  • First-Time Supervisors for those new supervisors with 0–5 years supervisory experience.
  • Mid-Level Managers & Experienced Supervisors for those who supervise supervisors or have long-term experience as a supervisor.
  • Senior Leaders & High-Level Teams for those people and teams serving at the highest levels.

The Ignite curriculum is available through SDLearn. Click here to view the complete Ignite Leadership Development Course Catalog.